Company Profile:

Dave Haupert, Founder/CEO FitBeyondMeasure.com

Dave Haupert is the CEO and founder of DDH Software, Inc, a software company founded in 1997, which develops mobile applications for iOS, Android, and many other platforms.  Their flagship app HanDBase is a tool to easily create custom database applications, and there are over 250,000 users of this product to date.

Dave got interested in fitness just under 3 years ago, after agreeing to a challenge to do the P90X program with his wife.  Since then it’s become both a passion and a lifestyle for him.  Healthy Cooking, Weightlifting/bodybuilding, running, and just a general overhaul to a more healthy lifestyle are the activities that brought this on.

Almost 3 Year Transformation since beginning fitness lifestyle

Almost 3 Year Transformation since beginning fitness lifestyle


In addition to DDH Software, and Fit Beyond Measure, Dave also runs a few blogs:

HealthyEating Is Your Passion

BodyBuilding Is Your Passion

Fitness Is Your Passion

Cooking Is Your Passion

Christ Is Your Passion

Dave founded FitBeyondMeasure.com in 2013 as a means to offer information, tips, products, and services to help fitness enthusiasts better track their progress and achieve their fitness goals.


Michelle Haupert (NASM CPT, Weight Loss Specialist) Co-founder, FitBeyondMeasure.com

Michelle Haupert is a NASM certified personal trainer and weight loss specialist, and the co-founder of FitBeyondMeasure.com.  She has worked as a head trainer at UFirstFitness in Johns Creek, GA. and specializes in nutrition counseling and designing and teaching workouts that motivate, inspire, and lead people to achieve radical transformations in their health and bodies.

Michelle is no stranger to dramatic transformations, losing well over 60 lbs herself after having her fourth child:




Michelle brings to FitBeyondMeasure her passion and skills for fitness and training, and the enthusiasm and charisma that she exudes to everyone she meets and inspires.  She differs from Dave in that tracking and measuring progress is not as natural for her (though she does love her FitBit), and so she is going to make an excellent source of feedback on making our products and services easy and enjoyable to use!