Ultrasound Body Fat Testing

A picture is worth a thousand weighs!

Using a scale to track your fitness goals? Your weight tells you nothing of your body composition- you could be dieting and losing water or even worse, hard earned muscle! Or you could be gaining weight or holding still and still be having positive changes in terms of fat loss and muscle gain. Just can’t tell when using a scale!

Already a step further and measuring your body fat with calipers, bioimpedance scales or devices? Wondering if you’re really getting accurate and consistent readings? You’re not alone! Fact is, the amount of water in your system will greatly change the numbers you get from a bioimpedance scale or handheld device. And getting consistent and accurate readings using calipers can be a challenge for most- there is too big a margin for error when pinching that fold of skin!

It’s time to see what you’ve been missing!



Scan of thigh showing body fat layer and two muscle layers

Fit Beyond Measure uses Ultrasound Technology to measure your body fat and muscle thickness. Ultrasound- similar to what doctors use on pregnant mothers to see their unborn children in utero- uses safe levels of sound waves and measures their reverberations as they cross through the barriers/interfaces between fat, muscle and bone .

  • No harmful radiation or xray exposure
  • No uncomfortable submerging under water
  • No variance depending on hydration levels
  • No uncomfortable pinching of skin

Aside from providing you with an accurate measurement of your body fat percentage, Ultrasound provides an accurate picture of what lies beneath your skin and we can use this to measure body fat thickness and muscle thickness.

Dieting or Cutting?

  • Make sure you are not losing muscle
  • Make sure you are burning fat and not just dropping water

Building Muscle or Bulking?

  • Make sure you’re really putting on muscle and not just storing fat!

What’s involved?

An ultrasound body composition test uses a handheld sensor that is attached to a computer. For a typical body scan three or four measurement sites are taken which involve moving the sensor over an area of the body. For a woman, the typical measurements will be taken at the hip, waist, thigh, and tricep. For a man, the thigh, waist and chest measurement will be taken. Additionally, some customers like to see a scan for a specific muscle group such as the bicep, so they can track the areas that they are focusing on.

A small amount of a water based gel is added to the end of the sensor so it glides easily over the measurement sites.

What should I wear?

Nothing specific is required, but we suggest shorts and a t-shirt or workout shirt.

How much does it cost?

Single composition test is US $40.00, but sizable discounts are offered when given to groups at the same time, at gyms, and at health fairs, etc. Please contact us for a quote:
(678) 250-4FIT (678-250-4348)



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