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17 Jun

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Muscle Loss and Dieting: It’s a Real Concern After All!


Recently I’ve read a bunch of articles from fitness experts that say that losing muscle from dieting is actually quite difficult and mostly overblown.  As a guy who fights to obtain every small ounce of muscle gain- an ectomorph if you will- I found that to be quite a relief!   Last year when dieting/cutting in the spring I lost a lot of mass, and wasn’t sure if it was truly all bodyfat or if that was actual hard-earned muscle.  In my own mind, I figured as long as I wasn’t losing strength in the heavy lifts, I probably was not losing muscle and figured all was OK.  But my wife thought otherwise, to the point where she discouraged me from cutting again this year.  Her comments were ‘you’ll lose too much muscle’ and ‘I don’t like you skinny’ when I told her in late February I was going to start cutting again on March 1st.

But this year is different- I now have the ability to measure my muscle thickness and BodyFat via ultrasound and can see for myself what is actually happening, adjusting along the way as needed. So I set off on controlled dieting while monitoring my bodyfat and muscle mass on March 1st as planned, assuring my wife I wouldn’t be letting myself lose any muscle..

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24 Apr

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Keeping Score



In the early years of youth baseball, most leagues don’t keep score.    I’m sure there are some good (and some bad) reasons for this and we won’t get into them all here, but one thing I noticed quickly when coaching my oldest son back in those days is that although the league didn’t keep score, many of the kids sure did!  And those that did really did care about that score.  Because to them, playing baseball may be about learning a new game, having fun, spending time with friends and out of trouble- all that stuff.  But a baseball game with no scoring was just not worth playing!

Are you going through life without keeping score?  Do you live day to day, night after night and not measure your progress?  Most of the world sure lives this way.  After all, life is not a game, like baseball, where you can easily track success and failure.  You’re not competing against another team or even another person (most of the time!) and how would you even score it anyway?!

The truth is that there are many sports and activities where you are not competing against another team or even another person, but against yourself.  And if your goals are really set with the healthiest of motivations, fitness is one such sport.   While there are competitive bodybuilding, competitive weightlifting, even the CrossFit games, for the most part people are spending time at the gym or out on the track because they are trying to become the best possible version of themselves.

So your competition is you.  More specifically, there is always another opponent in this sport- it’s yesterday’s version of you!  And if you’re truly trying to become a better version of yourself, how will you really know if you succeeded if you don’t keep score?!

It’s for this ethos that Fit Beyond Measure was born.  We exist because we believe that ‘keeping score’ makes living a healthy lifestyle even more worthwhile.   Being a data fanatic, I must admit it comes more easily for me.  For over two years I’ve tracked my calorie intake daily, timed each mile and pace of every run, I’ve tracked every rep/weight/etc of every workout I’ve done since I started working out, and I measure my bodyfat and body circumference measurements regularly as well.  To me it is just natural to see if my efforts are truly making progress or being wasted.  And with my background as a software engineer if I can’t find a great solution, I can create the tools I need to track this data.

I decided this year to begin to move towards building a business to help others measure and keep score of their fitness goals, so they can become more successful, and have more reason to celebrate those successes.  And this site and this very first post are the stake in the ground I am making to begin this journey.   I plan on doing so with the help of my wife Michelle, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  We will do this by offering products, services, and tips to help you on your quest for the best version of yourself.

Stay tuned for more in the days, months, and years to come.  After all, a measured life is a better life – so welcome aboard!



Dave Haupert

Founder, Fit Beyond Measure


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