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17 Jun

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Muscle Loss and Dieting: It’s a Real Concern After All!


Recently I’ve read a bunch of articles from fitness experts that say that losing muscle from dieting is actually quite difficult and mostly overblown.  As a guy who fights to obtain every small ounce of muscle gain- an ectomorph if you will- I found that to be quite a relief!   Last year when dieting/cutting in the spring I lost a lot of mass, and wasn’t sure if it was truly all bodyfat or if that was actual hard-earned muscle.  In my own mind, I figured as long as I wasn’t losing strength in the heavy lifts, I probably was not losing muscle and figured all was OK.  But my wife thought otherwise, to the point where she discouraged me from cutting again this year.  Her comments were ‘you’ll lose too much muscle’ and ‘I don’t like you skinny’ when I told her in late February I was going to start cutting again on March 1st.

But this year is different- I now have the ability to measure my muscle thickness and BodyFat via ultrasound and can see for myself what is actually happening, adjusting along the way as needed. So I set off on controlled dieting while monitoring my bodyfat and muscle mass on March 1st as planned, assuring my wife I wouldn’t be letting myself lose any muscle..

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